Here are links from various topics mentioned in God’s Good Earth to articles on The Hump of the Camel or other sources adding a bit more detail.

Cover: About the cover picture. Abstraction and the cover of God’s Good Earth.

Page xv: “Evolutionary Creation.” Critique of the term. Terms and conditions apply.

Chapter 1 (Page 3-20): Biblical theology of nature. The biblical doctrine of natural evil – not.

Page 20n28: Cosmas Indicopleustes. The Cosmos of Cosmas.

Page 64: Owen Barfield and the concept of “participation.” Francis Bacon, Owen Barfield, Ian Dury, ID.

Page 64: Michael Heiser and “the Powers.” The handwriting of offences.

Page 97: Arminius on creation. Arminius and creation.

Page 102: Charles Kingsley. On evolution. A design history of theistic evolution (2 of 6).

Page 106-7: Laudato Si’. An overview. Laudato Si.

Page 112-4: Gottfried Leibniz. Theodicy. The Lisbon earthquake and plausibility.

Page 114: Adam as an archetype. The meaning of man.

Page 119: Leopold Aldo and the Ecology of Yellowstone National Park. Ecology slowly catching up with classical Christianity.

Page 120-1: Asa Gray: Asa Gray and methodological naturalism.

Page 127-8: The quality of the fossil record. On the fossil record.

Page 128-9: Punctuated equilibria. Prothero, Eldredge, Gould, eek.

Page 128-30: Evolutionary “dead ends.” The dead end of evolutionary dead ends.

Page 132-3: The cheetah’s “arms race.” Cheetahs, gazelles, arms race – just so, just so.

Page 137-41: Selfishness in evolution. Selfishness in evolution: which self?

Page 143: Robins. Erithacus rubecula in fact and fable.

Page 147ff: Alfred Russel Wallace. Another century-late review.

Page 150-1: Thomas Nage’s On Being a Bat. Bats, theistic personalism, and Frankenstein.

Page 165: Emile-Edouard Mouchy, A physiological demonstration with vivisection of a dog.

A physiological demonstration with vivisection of a dog. Oil Wellcome V0017128

Page 180n17: St Bede on moon’s gravity causing tides: How the Venerable Bede got us to the moon.

Page 195-8: Nature as revelation, not concealment, of God. The deceitfulness of deception.

Page 197-80: Francis Bacon. On teleology: Letting teleology into science (or not). On critical method: Francis Bacon and history. In mitigation of Bacon: Bacon, beef and vegetables.

Page 199: A Rocha conservation group. Caring for creation as mission 1, Caring for creation as mission 2, and Caring for creation as mission 3 (Guest posts by Peter Harris).