Jon Garvey grew up on Cretaceous upper chalk and studied medicine at the University of Cambridge (lower Cretaceous gault clay) and later theology at the University of Gloucestershire (Jurassic sand).

He spent a long career in medical practice on Pleistocene outwash gravel, during which time he was a teaching elder in a growing independent Evangelical church, and also wrote features and columns for both medical and Christian periodicals. Since retiring in 2008 he has devoted himself to music and science-faith issues, and started the blog The Hump of the Camel in 2011.

He now lives on Cretaceous upper greensand within view of Britain’s Jurassic Coast with his wife and animals domestic and wild. He has three married children and five granddaughters, is an elder of a Baptist church, arranges music and plays guitar and saxophone semi-professionally.